Our Staff

Rachel Donahue

Director, Piano Coach​​​

My love for music has been present my whole life.  My passion for teaching began in 4th grade.  After taking a year of lessons I made it my goal to become at piano teacher some day.  I studied at University of Indianapolis and got my first experiences as being a piano teacher.  I went on to Butler University and completed a Master's degree in Piano Pedagogy.  My passion for music and specifically teaching continued to grow as I began my own studio. It wasn't long before my schedule was full and I had a waiting list.  My solution to this problem was to create MAJN.  Since then I've delighted in my role as not only teacher, but mentor to our teachers on staff.   Though my goal is very different from my 4th grade vision I know I'm doing exactly what I was meant to do!  In addition to all things music I love spending time with my husband and 3 children adventuring (camping, hiking, exploring, climbing, traveling).   

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Christianna Lopez-Drook

Piano Coach

I grew up with a fascination of music and enjoyed singing in choirs and taking voice lessons throughout middle and high school. I entered college undecided about where I wanted to take my life but quickly realized that music was where my true passion was. I studied voice and piano at the University of Indianapolis where I received a Bachelors of Science in Music with a concentration in Recording and Technology in 2019. During my time there I expanded my understanding of music theory, tried out new styles of singing in the jazz choir, and fell in love with the study of music history. For my senior internship I worked as assistant manager of the university’s performance hall and developed a passion for live music production. I also wrote and recorded my own music as a part of my tech and recording concentration and fell in love with the process of creating music out of nothing. I began teaching with Make A Joyful Noise in the fall of 2019. Outside of teaching I enjoy exploring local parks, discovering the newest coffee shop, and trying new dinner recipes with my husband! 


Becoming music literate changed the way I created, appreciated, and interacted across multiple genres of music. Because reading music and understanding theory seemed intimidating for such a large amount of my life I am dedicated to making music more accessible to students of all ages.

Jeremie Peace

Vocal & Piano Coach

Jeremie Peace has a B.M. in voice from SUNY Potsdam (the Crane School of Music) and a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from CUNY Lehman. He taught for 24 years in New York State public schools before moving to Indianapolis to be closer to his family. He absolutely loves teaching his private piano and voice lessons, since it is such a pleasure to cater to their individual learning styles and interests. Jeremie lives alone with his adorable dog, sings tenor in area churches, and looks forward to getting started with Make a Joyful Noise!

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Matthew Marshall

Piano Coach

Matthew has been teaching piano, for over eleven years, performing concerts, recorded three albums, composed music, judged piano, and served as programs chair with the Indiana Piano Teachers Guild. He graduated from Cedarville University in 2001 with a bachelors in English, and took music theory and studied piano with Phyllis Warner, clinician, lecturer, pianist and organist.

At a young age, he began playing the piano by ear with a musical talent, but struggled to grasp sight-reading and theory. Through many years of study and work, he began to grasp it. He understands the student who faces difficulty understanding the concepts of music, but may develop a musical ability and interest. 

Hannah Hadley-Maxwell

Piano & Guitar Coach​​​

I am one of six kids, who grew up in Carmel, IN. I have been playing classical piano since I was 5 years old. My passion for music lead me to take an active roll playing in church band and different praise bands in middle school and high school. Although piano is my strongest instrument and my favorite, I also play guitar, bass guitar, drums, and enjoy singing. I am a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Art and play in several bands in Indianapolis with my friends. Playing, writing, recording, and producing music it something I do constantly in my spare time. Beyond music, I enjoy hanging out with my big family, playing with my animals, reading books, and taking care of my large collection of plants.


Integrating playing in collaborative environments is one of my focuses. I believe that knowing how to read multiple forms of music notation and learning to use their ears is incredibly important in musical development. I feel very blessed with this opportunity to teach after so many wonderful people have mentored me and my love of music throughout my short years. I can only hope that I will be an encouragement, inspiration, and friend to your child in their music learning.

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Jake Dugan

Guitar & Ukulele Coach

When I was a baby, my parents would let me listen to music in headphones which transported me to the wonderful world of sound.  This love of music developed into a fanatical obsession to listen to as many records and see as many concerts as possible.  Around the age of 12, I knew I wanted to learn how to play guitar.  In middle school I began private lessons at a guitar shop.  I always have and will enjoy improvising and putting my own independent study into the music, as well.  In high school, I played in rock bands and eventually learned how to read sheet music.  I then attended IUPUI after high school and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology.  It was here that I was also exposed to the ukulele and piano.


Since graduating in 2014, I have formed and performed with a local rock-funk band named Funky Junk and also enjoyed playing many solo jazz and pop guitar sets for a variety of occasions.  I occassionaly play in a classical guitar trio with a colleague and former professor.  Away from performance, my main musical endeavor is teaching.  This will be my fifth year of private guitar and ukulele instruction and I absolutely love it.  I have a firm knowledge of the formal theory behind music, but my main goal in lessons is to develop a love and deep appreciation for music - one that can last a life time.


Beyond just the history though, music is how I have always identified myself.  Music and especially live music embodies freedom for me.  There are so many positives to come from sharing this feeling with others.  Aside from the cognitive benefits, heightened awareness of communication, and lessons in discipline that all come from music, it is something to be revered to simply enter this world of joyful noise.  

Glenn Dantam

Drum, Saxophone, and Piano Coach​​​

I enjoy music of all genres, from classical and jazz to rock and folk. As a child, I discovered my love for music in its fulfilling challenges, and in its capacity as a positive outlet for (sometimes unpredictable) creative energy. Throughout my teenage years, I played piano, percussion, and woodwinds in my schools' music programs.   

I continued my musical studies at the collegiate level. At Butler University, I studied percussion under Jon Crabiel and Craig Hetrick, and jazz piano under Gary Walters. While at Butler, I played in the symphony orchestra, as well as in large bands and small combos within the jazz program. In the years since college, I have been lucky to play in several bands of different styles, exploring my creative horizons as a punk drummer, a folk-rock pianist, and a few odd places in between. 

I like to use my experience to cultivate students' interest in music that they appreciate, while also teaching them the fundamentals of classical training. In addition to its aesthetic value, music is a fantastic tool to help develop work ethic and cognitive abilities, and I relish the opportunity to help students flourish both musically and personally.


Meghan Bartsch

Piano Coach

Meghan started taking piano lessons at age 7, and began her piano teaching career during her junior year of high school. A couple music degrees later, including a master of music degree in piano performance from Butler University, teaching remains an important part of her musical life. In addition to teaching at Make a Joyful Noise Studio, Meghan is an adjunct instructor and staff pianist at Butler University, the music director at Franklin Central Christian Church, and a co-founder of Outside the Box, a piano duo committed to performing American classical music. When she's not playing the piano, Meghan enjoys exploring new places with her husband, Mike. Her bucket list of adventures includes a month long road trip across the western US and a visit to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 

Nolan Winters

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass & Piano Coach

It was the age of six when I was exposed to my first musical instrument. I had an exciting curiosity about the guitar, so my parents, to whom I give the most credit for my career as a musician, bought me my first guitar in hopes my musical interests were more than a mere phase.


Though music was henceforth a part of my life, I had not discovered that is was my passion and trade until high school. I was blessed to study in such a wonderful music program at Greenwood Community High School before college. Steven Fletcher's Music Theory course and Jazz Band are what would propel me to study music collegiately at the University of Indianapolis.


Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music Degree in Guitar Performance with a concentration in Composition, I hope to become a Doctor of Music and teach at the collegiate level. It is through my past and current instructors and professors where I discovered my passion for education, and furthermore learned that an instructor assumes multiple roles to their students. Being more than a teacher, students inevitably look up to their instructor as a role model;  I hope to yield technically savvy musicians with a passion for the arts, and teach that discipline and hard work will pay off to my younger students. 


I have had the pleasure of performing with multiple jazz big bands, new music ensembles, and choirs. Through the university, I had the opportunity to travel with my current instructor, Nemanja Ostojic, to his hometown in Belgrade, Serbia for the Guitar Art Festival. Here I had the opportunity to play with the World Guitar Orchestra. Ultimately, I hope to open doors to opportunities like these to every single one of my students and let them know it is not so far fetched to be a part of a worldwide musical community.

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Emily Justice

Flute, Piano, and Vocal Coach

Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. All I wanted to do growing up was dance, sing, and play any instrument I could lay my hands on. I began playing piano at the age of 5, and a few years later when it came time to chose an instrument for middle school band, I selected the flute. In high school, band and choir were the most important classes of my day, and I was privileged enough to be chosen as choreographer for my show choir and section leader for band.
I always knew that I wanted to pursue music in some way for my future career, so when I learned of the music therapy profession I had no doubt that it would be perfect for me! I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy at the University of Indianapolis, and hope to land my internship in the Indianapolis area next fall. As a music therapy major I have extensively studied many instruments, including not only my primary of flute, but piano, voice, and guitar as well. Within my time at UIndy, I have been fortunate enough to have been elected president of the University of Indianapolis Music Therapy Association for Students, as well as Chorister for our beta si chapter of the music honors fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon. I am currently a member of UIndy’s Symphony Wind Ensemble and Flute Choir, and have also participated in our Baroque Ensemble, Woodwind Quintet, and African Drum Ensemble.
Throughout the last few years I have had ample experience working with middle and high school band and choir students in my hometown of Logansport, as well as participating in multiple field experiences at the University of Indianapolis. It is always wonderful for me to be able to instill a love of music and instruments on young people. As a future music therapist I fully realize the impact music can have on everyone, and I am so excited to be a part of this studio!

Logan Purcell

Guitar & Piano Coach

Logan Purcell is a guitarist and composer born and raised in Greenwood, IN. At the age of 9, he got his first electric guitar and began taking music lessons, and shortly after began writing songs and performing in a band with his siblings. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue the study of music full time. During his time studying guitar performance with Nemanja Ostojic at the University of Indianapolis, he performed in masterclasses with amazing guitarists and instructors such as Andrew Zohn, Goran Krivokapic, and others, as well as taking 3rd prize in his division at the BorGuitar festival, an international competition in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy. He has a passion for teaching young students through Make a Joyful Noise, and has the goal of being a full-time professor of composition following graduate study. In the fall of 2021, he will begin pursuing a Masters of Music in Composition degree at Butler University, with his sights set on doctoral study in the future. As a composer, Logan’s works can often be categorized as character pieces which convey specific scenes, characters, or concepts through sensitive use of tone color and lush harmonies, and it is through this musical language that he hopes to inspire his students to develop their own unique musical journey.

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Carmela Thiele

Violin & Piano Coach

Music has aways been a central part of my life.  I began with piano lessons in second grade and three years later starting violin lessons.  It was during middle school that I decided I wanted to teach music as a career.  My freshman year of high school I picked up the saxophone and was able to enjoy playing in both the orchestra and band program at high school. I'm currently a Music Education student at Butler University where I have the priviledge of participating in both the  butler Symphony Orchestra and Basketball Band.  I have experience teaching piano, violin, and viola.  When I'm not practicing or teaching you can find me hiking or puzzling!  I'm excited to be a staff memeber of MAJN and to share my excitement of music with others.

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