Musikgarten Policy


Younger siblings are welcome as “tag-a-longs” to an older sibling's class, as long as their age does not fit within the age ranges of the class.  You may find it distracting, however, to have multiple children in class with you. If you have two children registered for the same class, you may consider bringing another adult to help with the activities, but this is not a requirement.

In Class

The most important job of the adults is to be a model for the children. They are watching and listening to everything so no matter what happens during class keep modeling for them! We prefer parents to gently guide rather than manipulate. For example, rather than taking your babies hands and tapping their sticks for them we recommend tapping the beat on their lap or using your stick to tap theirs.

There will be times when a toddler may decide to “explore outside the circle”. This is completely fine as long as the child is not putting themselves or others in danger. Continue to model the activities and your child will usually return to you shortly. If your child begins to behave poorly please take them out of the room for a small break, and bring them back when they are ready.  If your child is not responding well to an activity, you are free to modify it. If you need to nurse or attend to your baby, please feel free!


It is our sincere hope that you will form great relationships and socialize with the other parents outside of class. Please limit your socializing to before and after class. Since these classes are so aurally based, a lot of background chatter can be very distracting to the children.

Family Packets

Materials are a vital part of the Musikgarten program and are intended to be used at home. If your child listens to the CD at home, they will be prepared to participate in class with the other children. If music is an important part of YOUR life, it will also be important to your child's.

Illness/Inclement weather

It is not necessary to let me know if you are going to miss a class, and there will be no refunds. However, you may choose to come to the same class offered on another day (please call to arrange this beforehand). In case a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, classes will be rescheduled if at all possible.

Our classes follow the Zionsville Community Schools schedule. If they are cancelled for snow, so are we.  If school is delayed morning classes will be delayed the same amount of time.  If you are unsure, check the website or call.