Our teachers are passionate about making music and sharing their knowledge with students.  We understand that students all have different goals be it learning to play classically, reading chords, even mastering jazz lead sheets.  We don’t try to fit every student into a mold we deem “Best Musical Education” instead we create a program based on the individual.  We like to expose our students to a wide variety of music in order for them to have a broader understanding of music and to help them find their niche.


The vision for our studio is developing a deeper love for music in each of our students and we are constantly thinking of new creative ways to achieve this vision.  Some examples in the past are getting students together to perform in small ensembles along with teachers for a recital.  Pairing up students to learn a duet.  Playing a recital for the residents of nursing homes.  Asking students to choose a favorite song to learn.   


The staff at MAJN are all professional musicians, who have studied or completed degrees in music at the collegiate level.  Our teachers have experience teaching all ages and all levels.  In addition to teaching our staff can be found actively performing anywhere from playing for church services to performing in rock bands.


We know there are a lot of choices in music teachers out there and that’s why we appreciate every student that chooses MAJN.  We as a business work hard to keep our clients and teachers happy so we can have long term relationships in both areas.  Teaching in the home allows us to become a part of the family as we meet many family members, pets, and even friends!  It’s a joy and privilege to be able to spread our love of music in the comfort of your home.  Still reading?  Why not register for a trial and see for yourself!


In-home lessons:

Piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, drums, saxophone,

flute, violin, viola, clarinet, and bass

Ages 5 through adult

 30, 45, or 60 minutes weekly

Before/after school, evenings, weekends