Our Staff... 

Rachel Donahue

Director, Piano Coach​​​

I'm Rachel the founder and piano teacher at MAJN.  My love for music began when my older sister was taking piano lessons and would teach me little ditties she had learned.  I was dying to have lessons of my own.  Finally in 4th grade I received the best Christmas present - piano lessons!  I flew through music playing anything I could get my hands on even if it meant playing many wrong notes because the music was too difficult.  I could not get enough piano.  I was in 5th grade when I decided I would be a piano teacher when I grew up. 


My love for music blossomed further in high school when I had the opportunity to accompany the Zionsville Royalaires show choir.  It was during this time that I decided to continue my musical studies at the University of Indianapolis.  In 2000 I graduated with a B.S. in music.  This was a stepping stone to my ultimate goal to get my Masters in Piano Pedagogy (teaching) at Butler.  


I learned much during grad school about the art of teaching, but I gotta say I learned even more starting in 2008 when I had my first child!  I am the mother of three energtic vibrant children.  They keep me on my toes with their endless curiousity.  My oldest started lessons last year and it's been very enlightening being on the other side of piano lessons.  It has truly been eye opening for me!

I have taught piano since 1999 with students ranging from 4-60.  I really love working with beginners to lay a stong musical foundation.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the light bulb light up as a student grasps something new.

In my free time I love to be outdoors.  Digging in my garden, camping, biking, playing with my kids, really anything active in the fresh air.  There is something life giving about being surround by nature.  


My true passion is in raising my precious children with my husband - the most important and most difficult thing we will ever do.  My childhood was magical because my parents created that world for me to live in.  I strive to do the same for my kids by finding joy in the every day moments.  I hold myself to the same standards in my lessons and aim to have a "magical" moment in each lesson.  This could be a realization of a new concept, getting a passage down pat, or enjoying improving together.  These magical moments are the lasting impression students have of music and the best part of lessons for the student and me.



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