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What instruments do you teach?

We offer private in-home lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass.

How long are lessons and how often do they occur?

The typical student begins with a weekly 30 minute lesson. We also offer 45 and 60 minute lessons for students that need/want extra time. We do not offer bi-weekly lessons because we feel this format slows down the student’s progress and can cause them to lose interest.

Where do lessons take place?

All of our lessons are given in the student’s home. We service the north side (Zionsville, Whitestown, and Carmel). If your town isn’t listed please check with us to see if we can come to your area.

What is a good age to begin music lessons?

For most students, we suggest starting when a student is learning to read. Students are able to grasp concepts of reading music on a page and have usually developed the finger dexterity necessary. We generally suggest starting the piano as a first instrument for young students. This provides a great introduction to music that easily translates to other instruments if they choose to switch.

Some very young students see their siblings playing and want to get started sooner! We do offer 15-minute classes for young beginners that have a sibling or parent in lessons.

What should I expect at the trial lesson?

When you set up a trial lesson, your prospective teacher comes to your home, so you can experience what a lesson is like. The teacher will spend 30 minutes working with the student to evaluate their level, learning style, musical goals, see what materials are needed, and work with the student on the instrument.


Parents you are welcome to observe during the lesson and ask any questions you may have after the lesson. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for a music lesson, meet the teacher, and evaluate how the teacher and student work together. The director will follow-up after the lesson to see if you are ready to move forward with regular lessons!

Trial lessons are $44/half hour

Do I need an instrument to start lessons?

Yes students will definitely need an instrument to be able to practice on. It’s the time in between lessons that makes the biggest difference toward progress and improvement. We have some instruments available for rental on a short term weekly rental. Fees are $10/week with a maximum of 6 weeks.

Do I need a piano or is a keyboard ok?

No, many students start piano lessons on a keyboard.  The minimum keyboard requirement is that the keys are regular sized (no toy style keyboards with smaller keys) and touch sensitive (able to play loud and soft).  Down the road, your teacher can help decide when it’s time to invest in a better instrument as the student progresses on their musical journey.

How are lessons billed?

Our studio operates on 13 lesson sessions. Weekly lessons, recitals, festivals, community events, and more are all included in your tuition. The summer months are prorated per week to give our families more flexibility!

How do we get started?

Simply register through the website. The form gives us your general info so we can get started. Include any helpful information in the comment box such as scheduling preferences, anything enlightening about the student’s learning style, the type of teacher you are looking for, etc. We will then contact you to get scheduled!

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