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Studio Policy


Students are expected to practice a total of 3 days, not including the day of their lesson. The most important day to practice is the one immediately following the lesson. Students who have 30 minute lessons should practice 15-30 minutes at a time. Those taking 45 minute lessons should practice 30-45 minutes per session. The more practice, the better results - You get what you play for!

Teacher Responsibilities

- Customize every lesson to fulfill the goal of making music a lifelong enjoyment.
- Encourage and guide students to a better understanding of music.
- Help students develop skills for practicing through long term and short term goals.
- Allow students to have input on what they learn.
- Be sure students have specific assignment notes for their weekly practice.

Student Responsibilities

- Be present for every lesson physically and mentally.
- Practice consistently, especially the day after lessons.
- Carefully read all the notes on your assignment sheet each practice day.
- Write in practice times and complete assignments. 
- Ask questions if you are unsure about anything!

Parent Responsibilities

- Be consistent with lesson attendance and practice.
- Remind or help your child fill out their practice sheets.
- Make sure there is an environment conducive for practice, free from distractions and interruptions.
- Call your teacher if you have an emergency and cannot be at your lesson. If you would like a progress report or to chat, call your teacher. We schedule back to back lessons and do not have time for long conversations between lessons.
- Provide a well-maintained instrument for your child.
- Be present in the home during in-home lessons.

- Provide a notebook for weekly assignments and instructions.

- Purchasing books and materials used in lessons (chosen by teacher).


When you sign up for lessons you are reserving a specific time slot on a specific day. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons. If you must miss your reservation we cannot reschedule due to full schedules. If the teacher misses a lesson, he or she will reschedule the lesson sometime during the semester. If that is not possible you will be credited the following semester, or your money will be returned at the end of the semester.

In the event of a snow delay (for Zionsville Community Schools) morning lessons will be delayed as well. If school is delayed two hours morning lessons will begin two hours later than usual, etc. If Zionsville Community Schools are canceled due to snow, lessons will occur at the regular time virtually.

If the teacher arrives on time and the student is not home the teacher will wait 10 minutes. If the student arrives late, the lesson will still end at the regularly scheduled time.


Tuition is billed by Session which includes 13 lessons.  Sessions 1 and 2 have 13 lessons that occur during the school year.  Session 3 has 10 lessons that occur during the school year and 3 additional lessons to be taken during the summer months.  Teachers will work with their families to schedule lessons at agreed upon times.  Summer lessons are flexible and can be rescheduled as long as changes are made with at least 24 hours notice.

Students are expected to make a one session commitment (13 weeks). If this creates a financial burden, please contact us for special payment options.  New students have a two week grace period. If you decide to end lessons during this grace period, you will receive your prorated tuition back. After the grace period there are no refunds with the exception of moving, teacher cancellations, or teacher termination. Teachers may terminate lessons at any time for any reason.


There is a $25 enrollment fee for new students. Any tuition payments received after the due date will incur a $25 late fee. If tuition is more than 7 days late, lessons are suspended pending payment. Parents are still responsible for the remainder of tuition.

Private Lesson Rates

30 minutes - $572 per 13 week session

45 minutes - $858 per 13 week session

60 minutes - $1,144 per 13 week session

Group Lesson Rates

30 Minute Classes - $442 per 13 week session

45 Minute classes - $663 per 13 week session

60 Minute classes - $884 per 13 week session

What's included in your tuition payment?

- Teacher experience, education, continued learning

- Time spent with students and planning lessons
- Trips to music stores and/or online shopping
- Planning recitals and group lessons
- Administrative upkeep

Covid Policy

If someone in your household has Covid it is your responsibility to let your teacher/student know the situation. Together you can determine the next steps be it moving to virtual lessons, scheduling a make up, or masking. 


It is recommended that students wash their hands before and after lessons.  This is especially important for lessons where both teacher and student share an instrument (piano). 

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